Saturday, November 8, 2014

Lonely in the crowd

I stand in d middle of a multitude,
Many stand close-by, some further away
I stand immersed in the voices, hues and odours of millions,
Some stronger, some fainter

I walk a bit, I jog some, sometimes I sprint
I find companions along the way; the walkers, the joggers and the sprinters

I see, I feel, I perceive
And each sense builds the inner me
I laugh, I cry, I am joyous and I weep
Many come along the way and co-inhabit many a moments,
Many come along the way and give soul to my cheer and grief;
Some touch me, some fondle me, some smirk at me and some shirk me

But I keep moving
Like the criss-crossed lines of the rail
I keep living
Intermingled with all in the crowd, alone all along

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